The Brief

In one week examine the unsustainable practices in the world and develop a business idea that addresses present irresponsible consumption and production.

AWARD:   3rd Place Winner

MY ROLE:   Product Strategist | User Researcher

TEAMMATES:   Abigail Colmenar | Nicole Yu | Syeda Nudrat Zehra

TOOLS:   Figma | Miro | Photoshop



According to the National Zero Waste Council, each year...


spent on wasted food

2,200,000 tonnes

food wasted in Canadian households

9,800,000 tonnes

CO2 emissions resulted



We surveyed 20 grocery shoppers (aged 18-30) in Toronto and found...

10 out of 20 respondents

felt that they were wasting food regularly due to...

Sales Temptations

They overbought groceries because they wanted to take advantage of sales.

Prepackaged Portion Sizes

They felt that prepackaged grocery store portions were often too large for their household.



They overbuy food and it expires before people can consume it.



Current Scenario

Joe lives in alone in a condo in Toronto. When shopping, he looks for deals like "Buy One Get One Free Bread".
He buys two loaves but can only finish one before expiry.

Two units over lives Janet who bought the same deal and could not finish both loaves before they expired.



The Grocery Paradox

"I save money by wasting food."

The problem: It's odd how in an effort to save money, people waste food. But it doesn't have to be this way. Joe and Janet could have bought two loaves and split the cost - saving money and minimizing waste.





Buy & Share

Buy and share extra groceriesfrom other people nearby to eliminate the need of overbuying and preventingthose extra groceries from expiring


Curated Recipes

Plan your meals around ingredients currently on sale with A Meal For Two's curated recipes to save money and reduce waste through better meal planning.



The Pitch



Lessons Learned

Combining Careers

My background in business helped immensely with strategizing for the project. Through competitive analysis, I was able to identify the unique value proposition and positioning that A Meal For Two provided.  I learned that my background in product management will be highly valuable for my career in product design. 

Polishing Pitches

The GO Network of Aspiring Technology Entrepreneur's week-long case competition came with many workshops. In particular, there were workshops on polishing pitches and I took away that the strongest pitches are ones that take into account your audience and emphasize on storytelling. 




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