The Brief

In 36 hours identify a problem space, research, ideate, design and pitch a solution in teams of four. 

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AWARD:   Google Sponsor Winner

MY ROLE:   UX & UI Design Lead

TEAMMATES:   Sai Gurrapu | Hemant Bhanot | Swarup Srinivasan

TOOLS:   Figma | Miro | Photoshop



The Problem

1 in 4 Canadians live alone. 

Long term loneliness can lead to an increased risk of depression, stress, insomnia and heart disease.

People are getting less exercise.

Lockdowns and closed gyms have lead to decreased physical activity on a global scale.



How might we connect people and inspire physical activity? 




The app that connects people by allowing them to workout together virtually
Exercising together leads to higher motivation, better performance, and decreased stress.





Pitch & Demo Video



Lessons Learned

Collaborating with Developers

Design never occurs in isolation - it is done in a team and it was fascinating collaborating with developers for the first time - and virtually through Zoom! I learned that it is critical to have open communication and to understand the technical limitations and strengths of the team especially with the 36 hour time limit.

Test, test, test!

As the lead UX/UI designer on the project, I advocated for usability testing throughout the project. I learned that it is important to constantly get feedback to iterate on the design. We uncovered a lot of opportunities for improvement within the 36 hours from speaking to mentors and conducting usability testing with representative users.




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