The Brief

In 24 hours, propose a sustainable technology solution that anyone could follow - whether it’s within a company, at home, work, or school.

AWARD:   Best Outreach Award

MY ROLE:   Product Strategist | User Researcher | UX Designer

TEAMMATES:   Abigail Colmenar | Anna Chang | Syeda Nudrat Zehra

TOOLS:   Figma | Miro | Photoshop



The Plastic Problem

90.5% of plastic waste

has never been recycled.

400 Years

for plastic to degrade

8,000,000 tonnes

of plastic in the ocean every year


The Current Solution? 

Reusable Products such as...

  • Cotton Grocery Bags
  • Glass Coffee Cups
  • Metal Straws
  • Cloth Face Masks


The Problem With Reusable Products?

It takes 131 Uses to net zero carbon impact.

*based on cotton reusable bags



We surveyed 32 grocery shoppers aged 18-25 to understand their habits...

How often do you remember to bring your reusable items with you?


Major Pain Point


Popular Reusable Items

Cloth Grocery Bags

Reusable Water Bottles

Current Habits

Placing the item near the door

Personal reminders



Current Scenario

People forget to bring their reusable items, resulting in unnecessary waste.



How might we more effectively remind and incentivize people to use their reusable items?



Customize reminders for your reusable items and support charities with each use! All ad revenue generated from the app will be donated to charities in proportion to points allocated by users to charities.


See your personal progress in reducing carbon footprint and donate points to eco-charities.



Widget Reminders


Why a widget?

What do most people do before they leave the house? Check the weather. 

By placing a reminder next to the weather widget, they are reminded seamlessly at the moment they are preparing to leave the house.

We used a quick Instagram poll to check our hypothesis and...

94% of respondents check the weather
before leaving the house 







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